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Den Automation introduce la varietà di case saggi del Regno Unito con fantastici switch di auto movimento

all’inizio di questo mese Den, l’avvio dell’innovazione smart-home con sede a Londra, ha introdotto i loro switch di luce di prossima generazione, prese, telecomando e hub.

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Dopo quattro anni di sviluppo, l’azienda istituita dal 22enne Yasser Khattak, 17 anni, è aumentato di oltre 5 milioni di sterline in finanziamenti – così come con Robert Watkins (ex CEO di Amstrad), ha portato uno dei nomi più esperti Nella produzione di elettronica di consumo. Den ha progettato, testato e sviluppato la varietà più inclusiva di prodotti per la casa saggi offerti sul mercato, pur non modificando l’aspetto e la sensazione dei prodotti già installati nelle case.

La varietà di prodotti di Den può essere gestita al muro come al solito, tramite un’app per smartphone Android o iOS o con un Amazon Echo o Google Assistant.

Rete a rete

DEN utilizza il protocollo IEEE 802.15.4, che è una “rete di area personale wireless a basso tasso” (LR-WPAN). Questa rete Wireless Fit Together da 2,4 GHz è progettata per coesistere con Wi-Fi e è estremamente simile a Zigbee …

I nostri prodotti utilizzano un protocollo wireless personalizzato sviluppato su IEEE 802.15.4 che non solo utilizza un’energia estremamente bit, tuttavia anche per consente ai nostri prese di socket di interagire tra loro tramite un sistema di mesh. Pertanto, la varietà può essere prolungata per coprire una grande area, a condizione che ogni gadget sia all’interno di una presa a presa collegata. Suggeriamo di mettere l’hub in una parte centrale della casa e di mettere il primo set di prese entro 15 metri dall’hub. Ulteriori prese e switch possono quindi essere installati entro 15 metri l’uno dall’altro.

Abbiamo chiesto a Den di qualsiasi tipo di piani da integrare con i gadget Zigbee e che ci hanno detto …

Den utilizza un protocollo personalizzato che non è interoperabile con i sistemi ZigBee. Siamo estremamente consapevoli del fatto che IoT senza integrazioni e partnership di ecosistemi sia un falso inizio e siamo desiderosi di supportare una serie di piattaforme comunemente utilizzate in futuro, proprio come supportiamo Amazon Alexa e Google Home.

Power consumption

Each private socket outlet contains power usage monitors, so you can see exactly how much energy each appliance is using. Power usage for the Den gadgets themselves is less than 1.0 Watt for the sockets as well as less than 0.4 Watt for their light switches.

Cloud Connected

You’ll requirement Web gain access to to reach the Den Cloud service for the preliminary system configuration as well as to manage the system when you are away from your house. nevertheless when inside your house the system can work without the Cloud connection providing you’re on the exact same network.

Flick of a Switch

Perhaps the most fascinating USP of the Den system is exactly how its 2-way communication is implemented.

With other systems there can be confusion as physical switches as well as their condition in an app or other manage software application can get out of sync. However, with Den the physical switch really flicks on the wall as well as you operate it remotely. This is accomplished with magnets via their patented technology.

The click noise the switches make perhaps the only slight drawback of this idea, although it’s difficult to gauge exactly how loud it is from watching the videos below.

The wall install modules need a 35mm back box as well as a 10 mm adapter is included with each Light switch as well as Socket outlet so you’re still okay if you only have a 25mm boxes.


With the Den app you can routine your lights to turn on as well as off at specific times. You can likewise set up several timers as well as routines per day, for every appliance as well as Light Switch. We asked if there are any type of future plans for a more function rich app that will be paid for or have in-app purchase etc?

We are working on adding more features to our app that will be revealed soon – we may begin charging for more premium features in the future.

We then asked if there are any type of future pans for a membership charge for the Cloud service?

Possibly in the future, nevertheless anyone who buys our products before we publicise that will not requirement to pay if we do begin charging.

Smart Tags

Den wise tags are a book function that utilize a thin overlay that sits on the prongs of your plug to determine the appliance that’s in use.

They appear to utilize NFC / RFID as well as we asked Den to explain more…

Den wise tags are utilized to determine as well as keep track of an appliances as well as its location, even if it moves around the home in as well as out of different Den Sockets. The wise tags utilize a similar innovation to the one discovered in contactless repayment or Oyster cards, they interact with our Den Sockets. They are the perfect solution to accurately determine the place of your appliances even when they move around.


Checking the FAQ it seems that a neutral cable is not needed for the present modules.

Our switches will be direct replacements for your existing light switches as well as work with basic UK illumination circuits. We utilize book as well as proprietary innovation which means that we don’t need a neutral cable in the back box. However, there is an earth terminal on the Light switch that needs to be linked to an earth wire, in order for the Light switch to function.

We asked Den if their new Smart Dimmer Switch, guaranteed for Q2 2019, will need a neutral, however they would only say…

We will be publishing final dimmer specs in the coming weeks


The latest round of funding for Den saw a £2M investment (bringing the overall to £5M) as well as the business states the money will be utilized to bring further integrations to the system.

The latest round of funding will be utilized in the production of the next variety of gadgets for the home, which will include Den’s wise Dimmer switches in addition to the entire variety with chromed metal finishes. funds will likewise be utilized to broaden operations as well as the team, to allow further product integrations such as Homekit as well as check out chances with further integrations like IFTTT.

We asked Den if there was any type of ETA for the IFTTT as well as HomeKit integration?

No ETA, our team is difficult at work on HomeKit which is substantially more complex than other integrations as well as we will be announcing other ecosystem partnerships in the future.


The present product variety includes…

Light switches – from £39.95

Dual Socket outlets – £69.95

Den wise Remote – £29.95

Den movement Sensor – £34.95

Den wise Hub – £89.95

Starter pack – from £219.95

Den believes that it is their combination of traditional changing together with wireless operation that will be key to their success as well as they hold a European patent for this feature.

Their products are offered to buy at Amazon, YESSS, CEF, Edmundsons, BEW as well as electric Centre. inspect out the links as well as the videos below for more info.

getden.co.uk  :  offered from Amazon

Introducing Den

How to set uPen Wise Light Switch

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