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WD My Passport Wireless pro is 4TB traveling Plex Server + camera Backup

A couple of months back I started to look around for a much better portable difficult drive to bring our media with us on holiday in addition to backup our pictures as well as videos on the go.

After reading a great deal of evaluations from dissatisfied owners of a range of devices, I ultimately discovered one that seemed to have a great reputation as well as tick all the boxes.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro

This device is definitely marketed very first as well as foremost to photographers. With its big capacity, wireless gain access to as well as capability to backup or move data off any type of card inserted into its SD Slot automatically, it’s concept for pro’s…

My Passport Wireless pro provides professional photographers as well as videographers portable storage to quickly offload, edit as well as stream pictures or high-definition videos in the field. designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices, as well as an SD card visitor built-in, you get an all-in-one drive to streamline your workflow.

Plex Server

However for me one of the biggest attractions of the Wireless pro is that it runs full Plex Media Server. If you’re not a Plex individual then, A) what’s wrong with you? as well as B) don’t worry, it can likewise run a DLNA server instead.

Western digital state it has the power to deliver up to 8 HD videos simultaneously (8 x 8Mbps HD MP4 streams). Unlike the more powerful Plex server you most likely run at house this bit box doesn’t have the muscle mass to transcode data on the fly. So you may have to re-encode a few of your higher bit rate videos before copying them to the unit.

In contrast to many cheaper competitors in this space, the browser interface to the Western digital unit is contemporary as well as fast.

Its 6,400 mAh battery can likewise be employed to fee your USB devices. The same USB 2.0 port can be utilized to connect other storage devices to share them wirelessly too.

The other USB 3.0 port can be utilized to link the drive to your Mac or PC for the fastest transfer rates.

Wireless Share

The WD system has 5GHz 802.11ac as well as 2.4GHz 802.11n radios as well as it can be utilized as a WiFi Hub, enabling you to re-share a single login with as much as 8 devices. extremely useful for holidays where some hotels (and particularly cruise ships) can charge astronomical WiFi charges on a per gadget basis.

There seems to be no method with the firmware as tested (v1.02.24) to secure the shared data on the device. So the only security in force is the WiFi password, as well as when your individuals have this they can gain access to any type of of your shares on the drive.

Battery life is quoted as ‘up to 10 hours’. We got around 7 hours utilizing the ‘Performance’ setting, with more time available using the ‘Battery Life’ mode which disables which ever of the two WiFi radios is not in use.


The WD My Passport Wireless pro homes a big difficult drive, develop in battery, a clever WiFi configuration as well as runs Plex media server. All this in a gadget you can hold in your hand (12.6 cms square x 2.4 cms high, 0.44kg), making it as near to a perfect mobile media server as I’ve found. offered in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB as well as 4TB versions from around £160 to around £250.

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